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Dell Computers - Supply and Demand Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Dell Computers - Supply and Demand - Assignment Example Shoppers have an alternative of buying less expensive items on the grounds that there are various providers in the market. Besides, the imposing business model power is low inside the business. Client support influences request particularly inside an industry that is encountering hardened competitions. This is on the grounds that clients are probably going to buy from ventures that offer agreeable administrations. Thus, components, for example, online administrations and advantageous techniques have the capability of influencing the interest of Dell’s items. In conclusion, an improved economy prompting expanded purchaser salary would build the interest of Dell’s items (Mankiw, 2011). The primary components influencing the gracefully of Dell items incorporate condition of innovation, political unsettling influence, the future value level, and the cost of related items (Mankiw, 2011). Innovative advancement is probably going to diminish the expense of creation as makes use practical and proficient methodology. This improves creation rates, which builds supplies. Moreover, political unsettling influences influence supplies since they influence the product’s creation and dissemination. Political dangers dishearten the creation and conveyance of items causing a lessening in provisions (Frank and Bernanke, 2012). Future desire for increment costs prompts deficiencies in provisions since wholesalers are probably going to hold items. Ultimately, changes in the costs of other related items may increment or lessening the provisions of Dell’s items relying upon the relationship (Mankiw,

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Leadership in Nursing Administration Free Essays

Initiative is seen as a significant factor in the organization of nursing practice, since this act of nursing requires the main practioners to be reliable and have information to move and empower others in the workplace through which an individual can give a superior medicinal services in the nursing calling. The characteristics for a decent innovator in this calling incorporate; having a dream, working together with others, ought to have great relational abilities. (Grohar and DiCroce, 2002) Research demonstrates that the nursing callings convey various obligations shared among staff in a specific wellbeing arrangement focus. We will compose a custom exposition test on Initiative in Nursing Administration or then again any comparable subject just for you Request Now Under this we locate that various positions of medical caretakers are given various obligations, whereby the Executive attendant in any wellbeing association is given the obligatory to guarantee that the association he is working with is given a benevolent administration that ends up being visionary to the nursing administrations gave. He is likewise has the position to inspire the norms of nursing set in the association. The official nurses’ commitments are in this manner intended to screen the activities of the nursing group under him in the association, accordingly improving a superior contribution of the medical attendants in settling on choices influencing the administration of the association along these lines empowering collaboration among the laborers. (Grohar and DiCroce, 2002) There are likewise different kinds of medical caretakers in the line of initiative in the nursing organization, for example, the clinical attendant chiefs whose obligation is to arrange and deal with the nursing rehearses in the association. Attendant Managers additionally sort out and plan giving social insurance to countless individuals and bringing quality outcomes, for example, advancement of staff, key arranging and care the executives. Research inside the structure of nursing the executives and authority has demonstrated that the practices for administrative medical caretakers has changed because of good installment, decreased number of individuals being conceded and lessening the time of remain in the nursing profession.Nursing administratorsâ have likewise taken extra obligations because of broadened nursing care, for example, portable social insurance, outpatient facilities and surgi-centers.The duties incorporate haggling for contracts, searching for steady administrations and overseeing administrations in different displines are identified with nursing calling (Radcliffe, 2000) Nursing organization incorporates various distinctive administration and the executives practices, for example, consumer’s different preferences, political changes, climate in the market, which gets changes the social insurance frameworks. Medical caretaker managers have various degrees of instruction which remember experts of Science for nursing, bosses of wellbeing organization, authentications of science in nursing and self-study. Since the nursing organization includes the association of the nursing expert with the customers, it expects one to have a colossal information in correspondence and an aesthetic brain that will allow the manager to bring and tackle issues up in a viable way. This requires the individuals keen on initiative in nursing calling to have the expert methodology in guaranteeing that their commitment is first rate. The chairman needs to do a social insurance plan which is normally shaped utilizing nursing techniques. The initial step requires the chairman required to get data about the topic after which the person in question glances in to the issue and the potential arrangements he at that point provides orders and the route forward to the individuals under him so the issue is illuminated. (Radcliffe, 2000) An innovator in the nursing calling ought to have the option to keep up a decent connection with the expert medical caretakers to maintain a strategic distance from them leaving the calling due the sentiments of insufficiency, persecution, stress, debilitation, terrorizing, sabotaging and defiance. Different factors in care clinics, for example, low spirit, heavier remaining burdens, decreased assets, can add to horrible showing in the calling henceforth leaving the calling. It is of incredible embodiment that the above issues are taken in to thought so as to hold the medical caretakers and give them confidence to function admirably and oversee viable medicinal services. (Sullivan and Decker1997) A wide classification of nursing organization is seen in various fields which include: brain research, explore in nursing, human services organization, clinical nursing, sociologies and medication all in all. Routes through which authority and the board are completed is to a great extent obtained from business organization so it is enthusiastically prescribed for nurture chairmen to be familiar with business and sociology materials. A medical caretaker overseer additionally ought to have the option to intermix with other wellbeing experts who are accepted to be of higher position and with incredible experience so they can have the option to gain from them. A pioneer in the nursing calling ought to likewise be an individual who has enough involvement with the nursing field. He ought to be familiar with what occurs in the field and every day changes which happen to help those accepting the nursing administrations. He ought to have the option to associate with all the individuals who are under him. An executive ought to likewise have the option to look for guidance and get proposals from different managers from better places whom they hold a similar position. Authority and the board ought to be taken as an aggregate undertaking and duty regarding each one. It ought to be shared among all the nursing organization and the attendants themselves paying little mind to their positions since they have duty of amending the difficult factors in the nursing calling. Great organization of initiative in the nursing calling makes it simpler and successful to give great administrations to the individuals who require nursing administrations along these lines forestalling dangers and ailment which may prompt demise and accomplishing and keeping up a superior wellbeing status for a sound society. (Sullivan and Decker1997) Reference: Grohar M and DiCroce H (2002), Leadership and Management in Nursing, Third version, Prentice-Hall Upper Saddle River Radcliffe M (2000), Doctors attendants, new game same outcome. English clinical diary Sullivan E and Decker J (1997): Effective Leadership Management in Nursing. Addison Wesley, Menlo Park, CA Step by step instructions to refer to Leadership in Nursing Administration, Essay models

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Answers To Your Questions

Answers To Your Questions Hi everyone, Im taking a short break from reading applications today to answer the many questions that have been showing up in my blog comments. Hope these answers help! Have a wonderful and safe thanksgiving. -B - Ron wrote: hey i miss the october test for the SAT because of the department here in India. so they arrange make up test in october 28th but i could attend it for that. now i got a problem in november test due to clash of my exam and i coulnt give it. in december i have my exam again for SAT. so i couldnt complete my test on time that had set up by the MIT. the latest for me to complete is on january test so pls advice how i could manage it. Take the January test and make sure to send your scores to MIT. It should be okay. - Michael Roberts wrote: I was wondering why MIT does not recognise Chemistry A-Level. I find this baffling. Also, as my final grades come out in August 2007 will MIT make a conditional offer i.e. I will need to get three As to gain entry to MIT. Im not sure of the answer to your first question, so Ill ask the international admissions guru. To answer your second question, well use your predicted scores to make our admissions decision. - J.J. Minkoff wrote: I gave my recommendation letter for social studies and English teachers to a teacher who no longer teaches at my school, and, as of today, he had not sent off the letter. Is this enough to invalidate my application? Definitely not. We will track it down if we need to. If it still appears to be missing, please try to have it faxed to our office (617) 258-8304. - 10 wrote: Ive heard rumors that current students can see their admissions files (teacher recs, admissions comments, etc). Is this true? Where do we go to see them? No, admissions comments are destroyed after decisions are made. You can see the top part of your admissions summary card which contains a bunch of data that you already know anyway. Pretty boring, but youre welcome to come check it out. - Shuja wrote: Is it ok if my MV Cal and Physics C grade reports are in by the end of January to mid-February? They are online classes, so it takes some time to process the reports. Also, can I send in a research paper I did? My buddy Evan 10 actually answered this one in the thread. He wrote: If youre applying EA, then the admissions staff arent expecting to see senior year grades at all, and if youre applying RA, mid-February should leave them with plenty of time to make an informed decision. As for the research paper, Matt talks about that in his entry on supplemental materials. Quick answer: we prefer summaries or abstracts to big papers. :-) - Ed wrote: I was just curious if MIT recieved the scores of the October SAT IIs. Also, though you dont set a cut off score, what is the average score of accepted students for the Math Level 2 or Physics Subject Test? First question: I think we have, but Im not 100% sure. Well definitely have them before we go into selection in December. Second question: Im honestly not sure. Ill ask Matt what he thinks about adding it to the stats page. - Kwan wrote: Um, my chemistry teacher wrote my letter without having looked at the MIT evaluation A form. Would her letter be fine, or should she remail another letter, this time with the MIT evaluation A form filled out and attached? Her letter should be fine, no worries. - Ying-Ying wrote: If parts of my application (like transcript) are lost in the mail or through whatever other catastrophes, will I be informed of my files incompleteness and allowed to send whatever is missing? We will track down any missing pieces that we need before reviewing an application. - Arash wrote: So are decisions going to be online in December? Im trying to figure out how heavy-duty I need my F5 key to be Our goal is to release decisions online at noon MIT-time (EST) on Saturday December 9th. Decisions will also be sent via postal mail around the same time. I wont be able to confirm 100% until were a bit farther along in the process, but Ill let you know if anything changes. - Anonymous wrote: Hi, I just found out that there was a form that needed to be filled out for the interview. Where might one find such a form? Im not sure; please check with the Educational Council office by writing to [emailprotected] - a1228w wrote: In my physics honors class last year, we only covered mechanics and waves; we never even mentioned EM. If MIT demands the SAT physics, will they consider my situation when looking at my score? Context is always considered. The key is to make sure we have the context! So make sure to mention this somewhere in your application, in question 14 perhaps. - Brandy wrote: Is it acceptable to substitute a humanities/social science/language teacher recommendation for a guidance counselor recommendation? We recognize that not all guidance counselors submit recommendations. If youd like to submit an additional recommendation you may, but its not necessary. - Worried Applicant wrote: I thought I had submitted my application a couple of minutes before midnight, but apparently when I checked the application today, the last line said that I submitted it Nov. 2, 2006. Does this mean I will be automatically deferred? Definitely not! If we really cared, wed just shut off the online app at exactly midnight. :-) Youre fine. - AnotherApplicant wrote: Im an applicant from Indonesia. If I had decided to send my application by mail, should I include my MyMIT account name inside so I can track it? What if my scores (SAT, TOEFL) arrived before my Part 1 applicaton? Will they be held or discarded? You will be able to track your application online whether you apply on paper or electronically. You dont need to do anything special to set it up, other than registering for a mymit account, which it sounds like youve already done. If your scores arrive before your application, a file will be started for you the order in which we receive things doesnt matter at all. - Reg wrote: If you guys do use the predicted grade to see if youre accepting people, whats gonna happen if they get worse than predicted? Like a predicted A applicant got a C or something. The MIT admissions site says we need 4 years of English. For people in the UK system, would that mean 4 years from Year 10? or from Year 7? What if we dont take English for A-levels, does it make us have only 2 years of English? And does taking very specialized courses in A-levels (like all sciences and maths) affect admissions in MIT, or any US university, since US has more emphasis on broad education? Wed look at that on a case-by-case basis. I wouldnt recommend getting a C, however, if your predicted score is an A. :-) MIT doesnt require anything for admission; the 4 years of English is a recommendation. We understand that there are exceptions, especially for international school systems which can be quite different. Courseloads that are heavy in science and math are definitely not a bad thing when applying to MIT, although I dont know enough to comment about other US colleges and universities. - Jacqueline wrote: I applied Early Action, and marked my physics subject test as the one I would like to use for my science. However, on a whim, I decided to also try at the chem and bio ones while I took my math one today. Will MIT admissions just consider my highest score? Yes, well receive all of your scores and only the highest will be considered. - Mike wrote: For the SATs, I took chem, math I, and math II today. On the app there was only room for two tests, so I marked math I, figuring itd be the higher score. After walking out of there I am not so sure. Since my scores are automatically sent, youll see that I took all three anyway, right? And scores are evalauated in context? Because I havent had chem since last year and I forgot a few things! Yes, same answer as the previous question. :-) - A Transfer Hopeful wrote: I am trying to gain transfer admission to MIT (transferring from a 2 year school). I have filled out all the transfer information but never took an SAT II. How important is this for a transfer student to have if I have already taken Physics III and Calc III? Will they look at the grades for these courses instead of looking at an SAT II score? Im not on the transfer admissions committee and I dont read transfer applications, so Im not the best guy to ask. But Id say yes, grades are most important, but you should still try to take the SAT II if you can. I dont think its too late. - Adam wrote: I took the October SAT I and just recently took the SAT II (November 4th). I just got my scores back from the SAT I, and they were way below what I was expecting based on my other test scores and classroom performance. I have a bad feeling now about the physics and chemistry portions of the SAT II as well, as they contained a lot of material I had never been taught, even despite taking all of my schools offered physics and chemistry classes. I was just wondering how much a couple of poor test scores will detract from my application It really depends on how poor they are and how they fit into the overall context of your application. Scores are important, but at the same time theyre one of many components considered when making an admissions decision. - srk wrote: hey im not able 2 log on 2 mymit or find my online app or find info about my interviewer please help. Youll need to write to our office at [emailprotected] for help with logging into mymit. - Leo wrote: If I graduate one or two years early and attend the local university (Univ of British Columbia), can I still apply as a freshman when I am in the normal age group? If you are simply taking classes there, you may still apply for freshman admission to MIT. If you have enrolled in a degree-seeking program, however, you will be considered a transfer applicant. - Rajko wrote: Are science olympiads (like International olympiad in Informatics, International Mathematic Olympiad, etc.) important when deciding whether will someone be admitted or not? International Olympiads are of course very impressive. That said, they are one of many things that can impress an admissions committee. :-) - Ruben wrote: When should the checks next to the evaluations and transcripts appear? At this point, if you have applied EA and are missing any evaluations, school report, etc., you should have them faxed to our office (617) 258-8304. - Kelly wrote: Should I be worried that my secondary school report isnt processed yet? My school says theyve sent it Please see above. - Anonymous wrote: Im curious, is the whole big envelope small envelope thing true, or just a myth? The package for admitted students will indeed be significantly larger than the deferred and denied letters. - Stephan wrote: Hi! Will you also review international transfer applications? Then you will read about me someday. I am from Germany and Im so excited about applying to MIT! Unfortunately I dont review any transfer applications, whether domestic or international. :-( - Anon wrote: My second quarter only ends in late january is that when i should send in my mid-year grade report? That is fine. - Edward wrote: Hello. Among those who give responses here, I think I must be a unique one. Because the purpose I came here is to make friends. Well,I am a freshman studying at DUT (Dalian University of Technology) China. MIT has been my dream since I was at middle school. And at the same time I think more communication with students abroad is necessary for us. So,can we make friends? My email address is [emailprotected] My major is Electronic information engineering English. Thank you. I love it when people use my blog to connect and make friendships around the country and the world. Hope you get some great pen-pals Edward. - Karen wrote: There used to be another girl that blogged. Anne, I think. She was Asian What happened to her? Anne is involved with many things at MIT and found that she simply didnt have enough time to keep up with her blog. - Arash wrote: You use a Mac? Im disappointed in you, Ben! ;) Any stats you can give us, like maybe a target date for when decisions will be released? Macs rule my world. Ive actually turned down job offers after finding out the offices were PC-based. There is simply no substitute for a Mac! :-) See answer above for decision release date info. - David wrote: How much are school grades considered for admission? The explanation of disciplinary action is supposed to be almost as long as the essay, can I use it for both? ;) Why is sec. 15 affirmation of accuracy under the Completely Optional heading on the pdf? Grades are probably the single most important factor in any decision. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how you look at it), most of our applicant pool has great grades, which is why admissions decisions are never driven by grades (or scores). - Jane wrote: Hi Ben, what do you think about the Jian Lis case against Princeton? I cant comment much on that because he applied to MIT last year and obviously I cant discuss any of our applicants, past or present. But Ill say this: from what I understand, the case depends heavily on numbers (scores/grades) to make its argument, which shows a woeful lack of understanding as to how decisions are actually made. Re-read this entry to see how numbers are used in our process (summary: grades/scores are very important but will never drive a final decision); that will hopefully help you to draw your own conclusions - Anu wrote: I already know my interviewer. Will this be a problem during my interviews, or do I need to try and set one up with someone else? Ive taken 3 college math courses so far and will have taken 4 by the time I graduate from high school. Would I still be able to get transfer credit for them even if I got credit for them on my high school transcript as well? I have official transcripts from the college, but I know some schools wont accept credit if my school gave me credit for it anyway, even if I didnt need it to graduate. Great question about the interviewer Im not sure what our policy is on that. Please write to [emailprotected] and explain your situation. Im also not sure about the credit question, but Ill inquire and edit this when I get an answer. - Anon wrote: I took my SATs and ACTs in october and subject tests in november, and asked that all the scores be sent to you guys. However, on my application tracker, they say they havent been received. should i panic? No, dont panic. We get them in bursts from the testing companies, sometimes only once a month. It should be fine by December when we go into selection. - A wrote: When do we get EA decisions? On December 9 if all goes according to plan. See above for details. - Anonymous wrote: When do Regular action applicants get to know ur decision? And the ones on the waiting list? When our tests on our complete course material are taken in jan which would be after ive sent in my application can we send our grade updates? Email it or mail an official report? And updates of other achievments? Its too early to predict RA decision release dates; the deadline to apply is still a month away! :-) I also have no idea if well go to the waiting list this year that depends on many factors. You can always send in updates, grades or otherwise, to [emailprotected] or via postal mail at the usual address. - I also want to publish some answers I gave on College Confidential here because I think theyre important. Can you find a quote from an adcom at an elite college saying that we do not distinguish between a 2400 and a 2250? No problem. In most cases we do not distinguish between a 2400 and a 2250. The exception would be a breakdown of 800/800/650 with the 650 being in math; obviously well consider if the 150 point difference is entirely in one of the three scores. But we dont distinguish between a 750 and an 800 on any single test. Period. even if one adcom at MIT says a 760 is the same as an 800, it is impossible to get the opinions of every adcom on the matter. Not true at least at MIT. Any of my colleagues would tell you the same thing, including the Dean, Marilee Jones. One of her favorite quotes is were looking for excellence, not perfection. And 750 is excellent. The directive from the top down is to use scores solely to measure our confidence in an applicants ability to thrive academically at MIT. A 7 at the beginning of any score makes us plenty confident assuming the rest of the app is solid. Even scores with a 6 at the beginning can be fine in many cases. Once youve demonstrated that you can thrive academically at MIT, its everything else that actually gets you admitted what you will bring to the community, whether youre a good match, etc. How these things correlate with the various graphs and curves of successful SAT scores that people like to publish and reference I couldnt tell you. This sort of hair splitting is certainly not on our minds when were deciding whether or not to admit someone.

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Punishment Is The Punishment An Individual - 948 Words

Retribution can be described with these two words: Deserved Punishment. Retribution is the punishment an individual receives contingent upon the severity of their wrong doings. They must â€Å"pay their debts†. The authors of the text â€Å"Criminal Justice in America† mentions that if the government fails to sentence the individual to an appropriate amount of punishment, society will take the situation into their own hands (Cole, Smith and DeJong 277). If a murderer receives 5 years in prison, the family of the victim(s) would feel like justice wasn’t served and would probably resort to their own type of retribution (Cole, Smith and DeJong 277). Punishment is the ethical response to harm inflicted on the society. What this means is, if society†¦show more content†¦As rational individuals, we weigh the consequences of our actions versus the benefits of our actions. The more severe the punishment of the potential crime, the higher chance that individuals will be deterred. If a petty thief receives an 8 year minimum sentence along with a high fine, the severity of this punishment will deter others from committing the same crime. Also, the severity of the punishment of the first time offense must be severe enough to deter the same individual from committing another crime. The downside of the deterrence theory is that it assumes that everyone thinks before they act (Cole, Smith and DeJong 278). Individuals who are mentally unstable or have psychological problems aren’t accounted for. Another major goal of punishment is incapacitation. Incapacitation deprives an offender from the ability to commit crimes by detaining them in prison. Both deterrence and incapacitation focuses on the potential of a crime occurring in the future. But with incapacitation, the offender is kept in prison and won’t be given another chance in society until they have proven that they will no longer commit crimes (Cole, Smith and DeJong 278). Being punished by incapacitation is dependent upon the nature of the crimes committed in the past and how extensive the offender’s criminal record is (Cole, Smith and DeJong 278). There are some difficulties with this form of punishment because there is

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Kate Chopin s The Awakening - 935 Words

Kate Chopin’s â€Å"The Awakening† can arguably be considered a feminist piece, but regardless of whether it is or not, the short story unmistakably describes how life was for women in the late 1800’s. Her story is a great example of the sexist views of the time and existing social roles for each gender. The literature includes a large interplay between society and gender roles, which affected the reader’s response to the plot and other literary devices such as imagery back then and even today. Chopin creates a round character, Edna Pontellier, who is the main character of â€Å"The Awakening† in a way that divides her readers between those who find her disagreeable and those who find her inspiring or even normal and honest. Those who find her obnoxious usually do so because of her thoughts revealed to the reader admitting that â€Å"The children appeared before her like antagonists who had overcome her; who had overpowered and sought to drag her i nto the soul’s slavery for the rest of her days† (Chopin 171). For the same reason she is an honest character that the reader can trust, she is disliked for not conforming to social roles, especially the ones unwritten about how to be a mother. Unlike the ideal mother, Madame Ratignolle Edna proclaims to her and the reader: â€Å"‘I would give up the unessential; I would give my money, I would give my life for my children; but I wouldn’t give myself’† (Chopin 73). These expectations of Edna, to give everything up for her kids and to always think theShow MoreRelatedKate Chopin s The Awakening1553 Words   |  7 Pagesare evident throughout The Awakening by Kate Chopin. Chopin uses contrasting characters such as Edna Pontellier and Adele Ratignolle to further embody the differing aspects of feminism. Adele Ratignolle represents the ideal woman of the time period, a mindless housewife working to serve her family, whereas Edna signifies an inde pendent and daring woman who does not conform to society’s beliefs. These two women’s differing characteristics and personalities allow Chopin to further compare and contrastRead MoreKate Chopin s The Awakening1497 Words   |  6 PagesEdna Proves that Society Does Not Control Her In Kate Chopin s novella, the awakening, Chopin portrays a story of how the protagonist, Edna Pontellier, undergoes a realization that she has been dumbfounded by the way society assert roles for women. Mrs. Pontellier s awakening stirs up issues in her marriage with her husband. For Mr. Pontellier does not understand why his wife is acting different as someone who does not share the values and duties that society withholds women to. Edna even fallsRead MoreKate Chopin s The Awakening Essay1450 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"The beginning of things, of a world especially, is necessarily vague, tangled, chaotic, and exceedingly disturbing† (Chopin 67). Change: the most frightening word in the English language; it has never came quickly, never came easily, never come without casualties. Throughout history, countless revolutions have fought with blood, sweat, and tears for the acceptance of new ideas to foster change within mainstream culture. Naturally, there is always a resilient resistance to revolution, the norm thatRead MoreKate Chopin s The Awakening1875 Words   |  8 Pageswomen s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.† The Awakening, by Kate Chopin, was written in 1890 during the height of the women s suffrage movement, and essentially the public felt that the author â€Å"went too far† due to â€Å"the sensuality† of the protagonist (Toth 1). The â€Å"male gatekeepers† that scrutinized her work saw her piece as a statement that â€Å"the husband is a drag†, and that traditional American values should be forgotten (Toth 1). In truth, Chopin did notRead MoreKate Chopin s The Awakening2531 Words   |  11 PagesDress to Impress Kate Chopin’s novel, The Awakening depicts sexual affairs, inner struggles, and the conquest of motherhood that most women face today. The conquest of motherhood involves the battle between being a supportive wife and selfless mother. The story revolves around the characters’ dialogue and appearances described beautifully throughout the novel by Kate Chopin. The story is a familiar one that, sadly, most women can relate to: A woman is married without knowing what true love is. HerRead MoreKate Chopin s The Awakening1685 Words   |  7 Pagesconforms, the inward life which questions† (Chopin 18). The Victorian Era created a clear distinguishment between male and female roles in society, where women were expected to behave feminine-like, be responsible for domestic duties and have little involvement in society. This created a heavy oppression upon females and as a result forced many of them to remain entrapped in a male dominant society, in fear of being outcasted . In the novel The Awakening, Kate Chopin depicts how Edna’s defiance of VictorianRead MoreKate Chopin s The Awakening1981 Words   |  8 Pagesthe 1800s The Awakening by Kate Chopin published in 1899 is a novel that can teach the true meaning of family, the importance of friendship, and the value of independence. Chopin teaches the true meaning of family by showing how Edna receives no support from her own family and struggles to succeed without them. Chopin shows the importance of friendship when Edna has no one by her side until she meets a woman named Adele and a man named Robert. The primary area that Chopin focuses on is the satisfactionRead MoreKate Chopin s The Awakening1198 Words   |  5 Pageswoman’s freedom is the driving force behind Kate Chopin’s contextual objections to propriety. In particular, The Awakening and â€Å"The Story of an Hour† explore the lives of women seeking marital liberation and individuality. Mrs. Chopin, who was raised in a matriarchal household, expresses her opposition to the nineteenth century patriarchal society while using her personal experiences to exemplify her fe minist views. Katherine O’Flaherty, later Kate Chopin, was born to Eliza and Thomas O’FlahertyRead MoreKate Chopin s The Awakening1870 Words   |  8 Pagessymbolizes the Marxist cause. A multitude books throughout history and the current day are representing the groundbreaking thoughts of Marxism, and they help to demonstrate how vile Capitalism truly is. In Kate Chopin’s The Awakening there lie countless subtleties of Marxism and its standards. Chopin skillfully injects the ideals into the novel through characters’ actions and behaviors. Three characters in particular represent the evils of Capitalism in the teachings of Marxist, and those charactersRead MoreKate Chopin s The Awakening882 Words   |  4 PagesThe article I have chosen to respond to was â€Å"Adele Ratignolle: Kate Chopin’s Feminist at Home in â€Å"The Awakening†Ã¢â‚¬  by Kathleen M. Streater. In this article, Streater argues that the feminism of Adele Ratignolle was overshadowe d by the radicalism of the main character, Edna Pontieller. Although Ratignolle was not as extreme or romantic as Pontieller, Streater argues that Ratignolle was more of an equal in the home than readers would suggest. Introduced as the â€Å"mother-woman,† Adele Ratignolle chose

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The Pearl Resoning - 589 Words

Can Nobel Prize winner in literature, John Steinbeck, creator of legendary novels such as: Of Mice and Men, East of Eden and The Grapes of Wrath, be able to present a novel suitable for the grade nine English curriculum? Sadly the answer is no. The Pearl, written by Steinbeck, offers an awful writing style, a predictable storyline and horrible role models concluding to why it should be removed from the grade nine Engilish curriculum. To start off, the fashion in which the writing is presented is loaded with symbols which have potential in leaving readers such as I confused and set off to what is going on. For instance, Steinbeck’s use of songs to display emotions is unneeded because it makes understanding complicated and raises unnecessary questions on the subject of what its presence serves within the story. In addition to the awful writing style of this novel, The Pearl beholds an annoying and disappointing storyline. It seems that of every page you flip, discluding the find ing of the pearl, Kino’s life becomes more and more miserable and I expected it all to pay off in the ending but the novel left me with disappointment by giving the same negative influence. Steinbeck never seemed to think of his characters as people but as creatures who are buffeted by terrible circumstances. This brings me to my next example, The Pearl has a terrible moral sense. It seems as if the author is trying to say â€Å"do not try to improve it only leads to failure, be happy with where you are†

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Mob Monologue Essay Example For Students

The Mob Monologue Essay A monologue from the play by John Galsworthy NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from The Mob. John Galsworthy. New York: Charles Scribner\s Sons, 1914. HELEN: I\ve seena vision! I\d just fallen asleep, and I saw a plain that seemed to run into the skylikethat fog. And on it there weredark things. One grew into a body without a head, and a gun by its side. And one was a man sitting huddled up, nursing a wounded leg. He had the face of Hubert\s servant, Wreford. And then I sawHubert. His face was all dark and thin; and he hada wound, an awful wound here. The blood was running from it, and he kept trying to stop itoh! Kitby kissing it. Then I heard Wreford laugh, and say vultures didn\t touch live bodies. And there came a voice, from somewhere, calling out: Oh, God! I\m dying! And Wreford began to swear at it, and I heard Hubert say: Don\t, Wreford; let the poor fellow be! But the voice went on and on, moaning and crying out: I\ll lie here all night dyingand then I\ll die! And Wreford dragged himself along the ground; his face all devilish, like a man who\s going to kill. Still that voice went on, and I saw Wreford take up the dead ma n\s gun. Then Hubert got upon his feet, and went tottering along, so feebly, so dreadfullybut before he could reach and stop him, Wreford fired at the man who was crying. And Hubert called out: You brute! and fell right down. And when Wreford saw him lying there, he began to moan and sob, but Hubert never stirred. Then it all got black againand I could see a dark woman-thing creeping, first to the man without a head; then to Wreford; then to Hubert, and it touched him, and sprang away, and it cried out. He\s dead.